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A Guide to Renting Construction Equipment

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To complete heavy-duty construction jobs, you need high quality equipment. Because the quality of your construction equipment is so paramount, you should stay updated with technology and save yourself some money by renting equipment from a professional company. Construction equipment rentals can save you some money as you maximize on your project, but before you contact a construction equipment rental company, read on and heed these guidelines. 

Keep Your Construction Site & Workers Healthy & Safe

Any time you are renting construction equipment to handle a project, you'll need to first ensure the safety and well being of your staff. The last thing you want to do is bring in new and complicated equipment that overwhelms, rather than helps. First, consider whether you're going to hire operators with the equipment rental or train your staff. If your workers will handle the equipment, be sure that they get their proper certifications.

Next, keep your work sites clean and always hold meetings regarding any changes, so that safety risks can be mitigated. Further, invest in high quality worker's compensation so that you are able to mitigate any injury related liabilities throughout the course of renting equipment and handling a construction project. A quality worker's compensation plan might cost you between 75 cents and close to $3 for every $100 paid to your workforce. 

Ask About Maintenance

Before you engage in a rental agreement, one of the most important matters to settle is learning who is responsible for maintenance. This maintenance will be crucial if you plan to get the full potential from your construction equipment. Most construction rental professionals will at the very least offer you full maintenance at an added cost. Either way, it is crucial that a skilled professional at the very least handles your fluid changes, so you don't run the risk of contamination or using the wrong fluid. 

Research the Construction Equipment Rental Company

To put trust in your construction rental, you'll need to have faith in the practices of the company. In addition to background checking their license, check the local courts for any civil suits and find references from other companies that have rented with them. You also need to gauge the prices offered by the companies in your area, since pricing models are various. For instance, you might pay approximately $200 for a one-day forklift rental, but more than $500 for a weekly rental. 

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