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Renting Storage For Inventory For Your Antique Furniture Store? Make Sure You Look For These Features

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In the antique business, each piece of inventory you have can be a major investment worth a great deal of money which can make it difficult for you to even consider storing excess inventory anywhere other than your store where you can keep a close eye on it. However, when chosen correctly with a good self storage facility, you can rest assured that your precious antique inventory will be rightly protected and safe. Here is a quick checklist of self storage features to look for in a good facility to store your antique store inventory. 

Look for climate control with additional humidity control settings. 

Many self storage facilities offer climate-controlled units, and this is definitely a must have for storing antiques. Changes in temperature can do a lot of damage to antique pieces, whether it is wood that cracks due to the freezing cold or plastic that melts in excessive heat. Beyond that, however, humidity control will also be important as this too can have an effect on antiques. If the facility you choose does not have humidity control, make sure it is okay for you to use a dehumidifier in the space to keep the moisture content in the atmosphere at a safe level. 

Make sure the unit you choose is easily accessible during loading and unloading. 

The less of a distance you have to travel between your hauling vehicle and the facility, the less likely it will be that your antique pieces become damaged during loading and unloading for storage. Therefore, it is best to look for a facility that has units that allow you to pull your transport vehicle right up to the unit. This is also important because it will allow you to store and retrieve items quickly when you are in a hurry. 

Go for storage facilities that have added security measures. 

No one knows more how valuable antiques can be than you as an antique business owner. However, the general public is also aware that antiques can be incredibly valuable. You don't want to leave your inventory at risk at a low-security facility. So make sure you go for those storage facilities that have extended security features, like tall perimeter fencing, high-grade locks, and even access code requirements before anyone can enter the premises. The more secure the grounds are, the more secure you will feel about leaving your prized valuables in a unit.

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