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Using A Career Placement Agency To Land Your First Permanent Position After Graduating College

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With more and more employers using temporary workers to help fill in the gaps within their workforce, new college grads have to be a little more flexible about the positions that they accept. Of course, all college grads hope to have gainful employment lined up prior to or just after obtaining their degrees. The good new is that you can smoothly transition from being a full-time college student to being a full-time, permanent worker by connecting with a career placement agency that has strong connections in your industry

Looking for Work After College Graduation

Most recent college graduates start looking for work well before they get out of school. Since they know that they will be competing with more seasoned professionals, highlighting their educational accomplishments can help to get hiring managers to keep their resumes on hand. After you connect with a reputable job placement agency, you should make your contact aware of any internships or positions worked while in school that may make you a more attractive job candidate.

Interviewing and Salary Negotiation

With the help of a job placement agency like Career Personnel, you will begin going on interviews for positions that are comparable with your education. Although being a newcomer in the industry may make you feel intimidated, properly preparing for interviews, phone calls, and even in-person meetings should help you to conquer your fears and eventually lead to you receiving job offers. Some positions will require you to go on several rounds of interviews, where you may meet with different company representatives.

You should talk to your job placement agency liaison about salary requirements early in the negotiation process so that you can immediately know whether you want to accept or rescind any offers made. Be realistic about what type of starting salary you can expect, especially if you are being offered an entry-level position. Having a college degree will definitely help you to receive higher salary offers, but you should also consider health insurance coverage, retirement plans, stock options, and other company sponsored benefits before your decision is made.

Not being able to find a permanent, full-time job after college may leave you flustered and unsure about your future, but if you are tenacious, no obstacle will stop you from getting a great position. Keep in contact with your job placement agency so that you can become aware of positions as they become known, and always put forth your best efforts to secure your place in the professional workforce.