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Three Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Commercial Vehicles

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Commercial vehicle insurance may seem unnecessary on the surface, but if you got a closer look at what this type of insurance covers, you may be more willing to buy policies. The other types of insurance you carry on your business do not cover much in regards to the vehicles your business owns and operates. Here are some more good reasons as to why you should carry commercial vehicle insurance on ALL of your business vehicles.

Your Drivers Cannot Control What Other Drivers Do

Mind control is science fiction, which means that your drivers cannot control what other drivers on the road do. When your drivers accidentally hit others, or the other drivers accidentally hit your commercial vehicles, you need the coverage to protect your vehicles and drivers and keep your business going. Claims that are processed quickly pay for repairs and restoration to your vehicles so that they are not just road-ready, but also very professional and presentable.

Other Motorists May Lack Insurance or Do Not Have Enough Coverage

Scarier still are the motorists who either lack insurance or do not have enough coverage and then proceed to hit your business's vehicles. Your only options in these scenarios is to sue the other driver(s), or sue the insurance company of the other driver(s), both of which gets very expensive and messy. Part of the commercial insurance policy you buy provides coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists in the event that your drivers have this type of encounter.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Bodily injury coverage on the commercial level covers the injuries your drivers get at the hands of other drivers. It simultaneously covers that and any injuries your drivers may cause as the result of being hit or pushed off the road into other vehicles or pedestrians. By covering all of your injury bases in these policies, you avoid personal injury lawsuits, even if the injuries were not the result of your driver's abilities to control the vehicle. (There are some motorists out there who will get injured by their own driving mistakes and then attempt to sue others in the accident; this insurance covers that until you can prove otherwise.)

How Soon Protection Should Start

The minute you go into business for yourself and you have one or more vehicles for business purposes, you should have commercial auto insurance, period. As soon as you buy a policy and pay for it, protection begins almost immediately. Your drivers should still drive carefully, of course.

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