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Desirable Features To Have When You Buy A Receptionist Desk

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When you're setting up a small business that will have some degree of walk-in traffic, you'll need to not only hire a receptionist, but also equip him or her with a receptionist desk. While you might be tempted to use a standard desk or table, it's worth investing in a proper receptionist desk to give your workplace an instant degree of professionalism for people who walk through the front door. There are a variety of receptionist desks on the market with a whole host of features. Here are some desirable features to make sure that the desk you buy includes.

Elevated Portion

It's ideal if the receptionist desk you buy has an elevated portion on either side of the front of the desk. This section is useful for multiple reasons. When your receptionist is sitting at the desk, the elevated portion provides a degree of privacy, which can be valuable if your receptionist is working on confidential matters such as filing employees' records. Additionally, the elevated platform is useful for people who visit your business. For example, when a courier arrives to pick up a package that you're sending, he or she can stand and use the elevated part of the receptionist desk to sign any paperwork, rather than have to bend down to the height of the lower part of the desk.

L Shape

While some receptionist desks are rectangular, you'll likely find that your receptionist favors a desk that is L-shaped. This layout can prove useful for a receptionist who may wear many hats for your small business. For example, the receptionist can have his or her computer, printer, and other associated devices on one part of the "L," while the other side can be left open for filling out paperwork, opening mail, and performing other related duties. The shape of the desk provides your receptionist with ample space to work.

Locking Cabinet

Regardless of the exact style of the receptionist desk that you buy, you should aim to buy one that has a locking cabinet. Some receptionist desks have a locking series of drawers below the desk, while others have a locked storage area above the desk and off to one side. This feature is valuable because your receptionist will likely be handling several things that need to be secured, from employee files to petty cash to even a company credit card that is used for making orders from your suppliers.