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How To Get Inventory For A Women's Clothing Shop

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Some women enjoy shopping for clothing and feel they have a talent for putting together outfits. It is common to want to pursue a career in this field. If you can help someone find something he or she enjoys wearing, then it gives the customer confidence and lifts his or her spirits.

Opening a women's clothing store creates an income and allows you to dress other women. Read on to find out how to find inventory.

Open A Wholesale Account

A wholesale account allows you to buy clothes in bulk at a discounted price. To obtain this account, you will need certain documentation. A sales tax permit may be necessary depending on your location. If you have a state tax, then you must collect taxes on your merchandise.

A reseller permit is document that you will need to open a wholesale account. The steps to obtain one depend on your location. You can contact your local Chamber of Commerce office or the Department of Revenue to find out the proper procedure for obtaining a reseller permit.

While you are collecting these documents, you should also sign up for a free Employer Identification Number (EIN). You may need your EIN along with the sales tax and reseller permit.

Open Accounts With Distributors, Clothing Brands and Manufacturers

If you are opening a clothing shop, then it helps to specialize in a certain niche. A clothing boutique that specializes in women's summer clothes would need a supplier for wholesale sundresses, like Blue Star Empire. You can find suppliers by contacting them on their websites to ask for a wholesale account application. It helps to look for contact information like emails and phone numbers. Some suppliers have the wholesale application on their website.

Search Internet Auction Websites

Auction websites are a good source for finding lots of women's clothing. You are going to save on these websites because you don't have to buy clothes by the piece. Other sources for finding wholesale clothing lots are online and print classified ads.

Check Out Liquidation Sales

You can find deals when businesses are having liquidation sales. The clothing is sold in bulk and usually marked down. These sales are done locally and online. You should also consider shipping when pricing the merchandise.

If you are going to open a clothing store, then you are going need a constant supply of merchandise. It helps to look for a reliable supplier and someone who can provide a large quantity.