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4 Easy Tips That Will Help Keep Your Belongings Safe While In Storage

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If you have some belongings that you need to put in storage, here are four tips that will allow you to keep your belongings safe. These are great general tips that you can apply to just about anything that you are putting in a storage unit to increase the safety of your items.

#1 Fix Them Up

You don't want to put something into storage that is not in good shape. You want to put items into storage that are in good shape and that you can pull out and just use again when you need it. If you have something that isn't working correctly, take the time to get it fixed before you put it in your storage unit. You'll be glad you did when you need it again and you can just pull it out and use it instead of waiting for it to get repaired.

#2 Clean Everything

Second, before you put anything inside of a storage unit, you should always clean it well. Putting items in your storage that has oils, food residue, crumbs and stains on them could attract pests to your storage unit, harming those items and the items around it. It could also cause the integrity of the item to degrade while it is inside of your storage unit. You want to put things inside of your storage unit in the best condition possible.

That means that you should wipe down the outside surface of all items before you put them away. If there are internal components, such as drawer on a dresser or the inside of a toaster, be sure that you clean those areas as well.

If you are storing an item that is made of wood, add some polish to the wood surface to protect the integrity of the wood. Wash and dry all cloth items before putting them in storage.

If your belongings are clean, they stand a better chance of making it through their time in storage unharmed.

#3 Keep Things Off The Floor

Third, when you put things inside of your storage unit, you are going to want to keep items off the floor. You don't want water to accidentally leak into your unit or something to liquid to burst inside of your unit and ruin everything on the floor. It is best to cover the bottom of your storage unit with pallets so that all of your boxes and belongings are elevated off the floor.

#4 Cover Everything Up

Finally, you should cover everything up that is inside of your storage unit. Place either cotton or wool covers on top of all furniture inside of your storage unit. Place cotton or wool covers over all of your boxes; this will help prevent dust from accumulating on them. You can also purchase moving blankets from a moving company and use them for the same purpose. Do not use plastic or vinyl covers on your belongings. These types of covers hold in moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew growing on your belongings.

Follow the four tips above whenever you have to put something into a storage unit, and your belonging should come out the other side of their stint in storage in the same shape you put them in. Visit the site of the place your renting a unit from, like, to see if they have any other suggestions.