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Two Types Of Ansul Restaurant Hoods And How To Order The Correct One For Your Restaurant

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Ansul restaurant hoods are used in commercial kitchens not only to disperse heat from the kitchen, but also as a means of fire suppression. There are two kinds of hoods from this manufacturer. If you are looking to buy one of these restaurant hoods for your restaurant or commercial kitchen, here is more information on the two types and how to order the correct one for your restaurant.

Wet Chemical Agent Hood

The wet chemical agent hood is purchased more often than the water hood. The reason for this is that the wet chemical agents used are safer and more effective when dealing with grease, oil, gas, and/or open fire in your restaurant. The wet chemical agent smothers fires  and does not cause grease or oil to spread. The fires caused by these kitchen substances are stopped on contact when the chemicals hit them. The hood has sensors that pick up on the fire underneath it, and immediately disperse the chemical onto the flames below. Additionally, because the wet chemical agent can put out any kitchen fire, there is no need to invest in the water hood type.

Water Hood

The water hood is exactly as it sounds. It dispenses water over any fire. However, you will not want it to disperse water over grease and oil fires because it will cause the grease or oil to spread out, subsequently causing the fire to spread as well. Avoid installing this hood over griddles and commercial ranges, where there is frequently a lot of grease, oil, and natural gas/propane. The best place for this type of fire suppression and restaurant hood system is directly over wood fire stoves and charbroil grills. Fires caused by these two types of restaurant cooking instruments burn hot, spread quickly, and are safely and easily extinguished with just water.

Ordering the Correct Hood (or Hoods) for Your Restaurant Kitchen

When ordering your Ansul restaurant hood(s), think about the stoves and cooking equipment already in your commercial kitchen or restaurant, or those you are hoping to install in a new kitchen. If you have separate wood fire or charbroil grills in your restaurant, and they are far enough away from the rest of your cooking equipment, you can buy and use both of these types of hoods. Otherwise, your best bet is the wet chemical agent hood because of its ability to eliminate to all fires regardless of the "fuel" that keeps the fire going. To learn more, contact a company like Tri County Fire Protection.