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5 Alternate Engagement Ring Ideas

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When you go to propose to your lover, you'll likely want to present a ring. Well, some people aren't the biggest fans of diamonds or they would like to wear a ring that is more unique and not the norm. If you're thinking of proposing soon and you know that you don't want to purchase a diamond ring, you may be searching for ring inspiration. Keep reading for some alternate engagement ring inspiration: 


Your bride-to-be will feel like Kate Middleton when you give her an engagement ring that features sapphire. This is a classic gemstone that will always be seen as beautiful. Blue sapphire is the most popular option, but you can also find sapphire in other colors. The meaning behind this stone is hope and faith. 


Opal rings are rising in popularity. This is a silica-based gem that offers different coloring as it's moved around. Once your lover has an opal ring on their finger, they will be able to take in the many colors that the gem produces! You can find opals in different color options, so there are many options out there. 


Morganite is a beautiful gem that has pink coloring. You can find stones in a variety of pink shades, so you'll be sure to find the perfect fit. A ring with morganite will be hard to look away from because it's so gorgeous. 


Emerald is another excellent alternate option for an engagement ring. The bright green hue is incredible and won't go unnoticed. This stone is known as the stone of successful love. Gifting an emerald ring during an engagement is the perfect way to set yourself up for many years of happiness as a married couple. 

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

While this is actually a diamond, it's a beautiful option that offers a totally different look than the traditional diamond. The diamonds have a gray, peppery look to them. All salt and pepper diamond are unique because they are all different. This is a great way to show your love and make a commitment in a different way.

As you can see, there are many alternate stone options if you're looking to give your lover a truly unique engagement ring. Take a look at a local jewelry store to get some ideas and see what options exist. No matter which ring you choose, your partner will appreciate that you went out of the way to select a special jewelry piece.