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Engine Oil Guide to Changes and Additives That Boost Performance and Reduce Wear

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The type of engine oil you use can make a big difference in performance and wear. Sometimes, the fuel used in diesel engines can cause problems with lubricity, and additives are used. This is important during cold weather when freezing temperatures affect diesel engines. The following engine oil and lubricity additive guide will help improve performance and reduce wear:

  • Biofuels and lubricity for diesel engines—There are biofuels that can be used to add lubricity to diesel fuels. This is done with refined fuels, in which biofuels are added after refining. This is done to return some of the lubricity that is lost during the process of removing sulfur. The problem with biofuel being added to the refined diesel is that it can also impact engine performance. The biomass fuel mixtures are often cheaper than additives and refined diesel but do not give your engine the same performance.
  • Changing engine oils for changes in temperatures—Another problem with your diesel fuels is that changes in temperatures can affect them. The engine oil can lose lubricity when the temperatures are warmer, which leads to wear and low engine performance. During the colder weather, oils get thick, and lighter-weight options are used. The lighter-weight oil during winter can also cause issues with lubricity, and additives may be required to reduce engine wear and problems.
  • Better diesel performance with fuels refined for lubricity—The lubricity of diesel fuel is reduced during the refining process. This is why there are fuels that are mixed with additives during the refining process. The additives add back the lubricity that is lost when sulfur is removed from the gas. These additives can also be used during oil changes to provide your engine with better protection against wear that can affect performance.
  • Using the right additives to improve the lubricity of diesel fuels-- The performance of diesel engines is affected by the lubricity of oil. Therefore, additives are often used to improve lubrication, reduce friction, and improve performance. It is a good idea to use additives when you have changed your oil to improve the lubricity and performance of the engine. Whenever you add oil to the engine or have your oil changed, you will want to use a lubricity additive.

The right oil and additives will help reduce problems with diesel engine wear and performance. Contact a lubricity additive supplier like Lubricant Solutions, LLC to get the right additives to improve your engine performance and reduce wear.