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Three Reasons To Become Certified As A Barre Instructor

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Barre classes combine the controlled techniques ballerinas use to perfect their art with restorative exercises inspired by yoga and Pilates practices. Masters of barre have excellent core strength, balance, flexibility, and body control. If you have fallen in love with barre and want to share this form of exercise and self-mastery with others, you can become a certified barre instructor and turn your passion into a career. Here are three reasons to take a barre instructor training certification course.

Master The Fundamentals

If you have been taking barre classes for a long time, you may already consider yourself a barre master. Regular classes don't offer the same level of training as certification courses, though. While you earn your certification, you will also learn the reasons why each barre exercise works and how to perfect your movements. As an instructor, you need to guide your students through every motion during your lessons, so you need to know exactly how to perfect each exercise. Many certification courses take place over several days where participants study the fundamentals of barre, including the ballet, Pilates, and yoga exercises it is derived from.

Create Safe Classes

As a barre student, you only need to be concerned about your own safety. As an instructor, you need to support everyone's safety as they participate in your class. Barre exercises are typically very safe, but there are risks with any exercise routine. Your certification course will teach you how to see if students are out of balance or are making dangerous mistakes. For instance, many barre exercises rely on holding rigid postures. While this is normally safe, some students may restrict blood flow by tensing too firmly. Noticing the signs of fainting before a student passes out can prevent injuries. Your certification course will cover all of the most common safety concerns associated with barre classes so you can help your students avoid them.

Find Employment Opportunities

Once you have earned your barre certification, you will be in a better position to become a full-time barre instructor. If you want to turn your passion into a viable career, earning a certification shows that you have what it takes to train students at gyms, recreation centers, schools, and other institutions. Remember to include your years of training as a student in your resume along with your recent certification to prove that you know the ins and outs of barre and can teach your students all of the exercises associated with it. 

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