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3 Keys To Selecting A Good Leadership Speaking For Your Event

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If you are hosting an event about leadership, you will want to make sure that you have a strong keynote speaker to bring the whole event together. When it comes to finding a strong speaker, there are a few key things that you need to look for and consider.

Key #1: Your Goals

First, you need to know what your goals are for the event. A leadership event is a broad, overreaching theme. Do you want your employees to feel more confident talking to customers? Is your event about empowering people to start their businesses? Is your event about improving public speaking confidence?

You need to know what type of leadership skills you want to focus on with your event. This will help you understand what kind of leadership topic you want your keynote speaker to cover and thus will help you narrow down your search.

Key #2: Presentation Style

Second, there are lots of ways to present a keynote address. You need to sit down with those planning the event, consider what type of presentation style you are looking for, and what kind of presentation style you can support.

For example, if you have the conference in a small conference room at a hotel, you would not be able to support a presentation that requires a huge stage, speakers, and large screens. You would need something a little more modest when it comes to the set-up for the event.

Your event location, budget, and set-up will impact the type of presentation you can support.

Key #3: Budget

Third, who you can hire is going to be impacted by your budget. The fee for a keynote speaker can vary widely. Additionally, another cost you have to consider is getting your keynote speaker to the event.

If you want to hire a keynote speaker who lives in another state, as part of their fee, they may ask you to cover traveling costs, lodging, and meals while they are at your event. Finding a local speaker can help lower this portion of the cost of hiring a keynote speaker if you are working with a small budget.

When it comes to hiring a keynote speaker, you need to know what type of leadership skills and traits you want the speaker to address. You need to know where the event will occur and what type of presentation style you can accommodate.

It would help if you also considered the speakers speaking fee and travel fees as you plan your budget for the event. Thoughtfully thinking about these elements will help you find the right keynote leadership speaker for your event. For more information about leadership development keynote speakers, talk to an event planner.