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3 Tips For Packaging Your Handmade Goods

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If you sell handmade goods via a marketplace online or through your website, it is important to make sure that your goods are properly packaged. The right packaging can help your handmade business stand out and will ensure that your products get to customers without being damaged.

Put Security First

When sending your product, you always want to prioritize ensuring the safety of your product. You want to make sure that the product will not be damaged in the shipping process.

You can wrap the product up with bubble wrap or use packing tissue to keep the item secure. You can also have packaging foam specially created for your product. Packing foam will keep your product secure and prevent it from getting damaged. If you sell a lot of the same item, you should seriously consider investing in packaging foam specially made for your product.

Use the Right Box

When sending your items, you want to make sure you choose the right box. You want the box to be just the right size.

If the box is too small, that can lead to unnecessary pressure on whatever is inside the box and increase the likelihood of the tape tearing and the packaging getting damaged. If the box is too large, the item will be able to move around freely inside the packaging, leading to the item getting damaged. You want the box to be large enough for the item to fit securely without the product moving around.

Customize the Packing Experience

Third, you should customize the package. If you send many of the same sized boxes, you can have boxes custom printed for you with your handmade business's logo on the box. Or you can go all-out and apply a print to the entire package, helping to set it apart. A custom box that identifies your handmade business is an affordable investment that can help your business stand out and lead to repeat customers. 

If custom boxes are out of your budget, you can invest in custom branded tape for the box that has your company name and log on it. You could also have a sticker printed with your logo and place that on each box. 

When it comes to sending handmade products, you need to make sure you properly protect your products, use the right-sized boxes, and add personal touches to the packaging that will help your handmade business stand out. Look for places to get packaging supplies from and ask about customization options.