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What You Should Know About Working With A Bail Bond Company

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Do you or a loved one need to get bailed out of jail? Working with a bail bond company can allow you to do so without worrying about coming up with the entire bond amount yourself. Here's what to know about working with a bail bond company:

What a Bail Bond Company Does

Bail bond companies make it easier for people to post bail so that they can get out of jail while they await their court appointments. Instead of having to put up all the money for a bond to the court yourself, you can go to a bail bond company and provide them with a percentage of the bond amount. From there, the company will post bail on your behalf, and you or your loved one can be released from jail and be free until the scheduled court date.

The amount of money you must provide the bail bond company depends on the amount of the overall bond and the percentage that they charge for their services. Whatever money you do provide the company will be a small portion of the overall bond price, but the money is not refundable. It is considered payment for the service that the bond company provides.

How a Bond Is Secured

To secure a bond with a bail bond company, you will have to pay cash or offer up some kind of collateral — or both — before you or your loved one can be released from jail. Depending on how much cash you have, the company you work with should be willing to accept one or more of the following as collateral to secure the bond:

  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Vehicles
  • Property
  • Firearms
  • Precious metals

Once cash and/or enough collateral is collected to cover the bail bond company's fees, they will process the bond request and you or your loved one should be released shortly afterward.

The Aftermath

The whole point of the bond is to make sure that you or your loved one shows up to court when required. If court is missed, the bond money and collateral is not refunded to you. If court is not missed and the case is properly handled, any money or collateral you provide the bail bond company that is above the amount they charge for their services will be returned to you. It is imperative to ensure that you or whoever you are bailing out shows up for their court appearances to avoid losing out on the bail when all is said and done.