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5 Alternate Engagement Ring Ideas

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When you go to propose to your lover, you’ll likely want to present a ring. Well, some people aren’t the biggest fans of diamonds or they would like to wear a ring that is more unique and not the norm. If you’re thinking of proposing soon and you know that you don’t want to purchase a diamond ring, you may be searching for ring inspiration. Keep reading for some alternate engagement ring inspiration:  Read More»

4 Important Attributes To Consider For Your New Coastal Home

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Turquoise waves, seashells, and salty air—who wouldn’t want to live on the coast? If you get the opportunity to plan your own coastal home from the ground up and then watch it be built, you are most assuredly excited about the whole ordeal. It is easy to get caught up in your excitement and forget that there are several important attributes about this coastal home plan that need careful consideration.  Read More»