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Why Altering Clothing Can Be A Better Choice Than A New Wardrobe

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If you have ever watched television or a movie and wished that clothes looked that good on you, it is important to know that most celebrities have their wardrobe professionally fitted for them. Therefore, it is not that television and movie personalities always have the perfect body for new clothes, but instead that the new items receive alterations that make them flattering and usable by the famous people who wear them.

Why Should Your Wardrobe Be Altered?

It is first necessary to understand that range of sizes in both women and men's clothing today are not always designed to make shopping easier. Instead, vanity sizing allows the same person to wear sizes that can vary two or three different sizes as they move from one manufacturer or retailer to another. You have probably already experienced the phenomena of carrying several different sizes of similar outfits into the dressing room to find that the lack of consistent, accurate measurements for appropriate sizing of women's clothing makes shopping both stressful and confusing.

Vanity sizing occurs when manufacturers provide lower sizes of clothing, primarily to women, in order to maintain the illusion that women can wear smaller sizes of clothing than they actually can. Since few women like to be reminded of body changes or weight gain, you cannot count on being any one size, which often makes buying new clothes more time-consuming and frustrating. In addition, even though the average American women is a size 12–14 according to recent statistics, clothing sizes are so subjective that it is almost impossible for women to know their own size.  

Alterations Allow For A More Flattering Fit 

Elastic, belts, accessories and even choosing the right materials for your outfits can only do so much for your appearance. 

Instead, any of the following can make you look and feel better in your clothing:

  • Bringing in or relaxing the waistline
  • Including or removing darts from around the bust
  • Hemming skirts, pants, dresses or even capris so their fit is smoother 
  • Adding elastic as needed for a more precise fit    

Finally, it will be helpful to remember that by changing your clothing to more efficiently match your body type, you can allow it to last longer. For example, most petite women know that without hemming their pants, they may only be able to wear them a few times before the slacks become damaged from use, requiring replacement or repair. Tall women who need longer slacks, skirts and other bottom pieces have reported the same thing, as when capris look more like shorts and a knee-length skirt is a miniskirt, it can be difficult to be taken seriously at work.

Your clothing choices say so much about you. Therefore, it is important that it says the right things, regardless of the situation and having your clothing altered by a company like Clothesline Cleaners Inc. is the best way to allow that.