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6 Things Business Owners Need To Know About Self-Storage

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If you are a business owner, it is reasonable to expect that you have self-storage needs. There is often no reason to consider a full-size warehouse when a smaller option would be just as beneficial. Self-storage may be your best option. Before committing to a self-storage unit, consider these tips to make this a cost-effective and efficient option for your business.

1. Consider Self-Storage Options for Short-Term Situations

Are you remodeling your business or office space? Thinking about downsizing your stock? Want to relocate or store seasonal furnishings? Have you already ordered a ton of supplies for the next holiday but don't know where to store them? You have self-storage as an easy option to store these things in the meantime.

2. Maintain an Inventory of all Storage Items

Never store items in your self-storage unit without carefully inventorying them first. This allows you to determine how much storage you need as well as for how long. You may find it necessary to downsize or upsize your storage unit at some point. If you aren't sure how much space you will need, the manager of the storage facility should be able to help you out with sizing options. Inventorying your items is especially important if you have several employees accessing your self-storage unit.

3. Some items may require climate control.

Climate control is becoming a staple of self-storage facilities, and so many different units rely on keeping the temperature between 55 and 80 degrees. This is important to handle issues like potential rusting and yellowing, but it can also prevent the spread of mold and pests. Especially consider this option if you will be storing computers, medication, furniture, documents, and other electronics.

4. Proper Packaging Is Essential

It is simply not enough to choose the right storage facility. It is also important to protect your items by packaging them properly. High-value items may require an extra lock. Electronics may require packing peanuts. Documents and photos should be packed in small boxes in case they become heavy. 

5. Create a Label for Everything

No matter what you are using your storage facility for, items should be labeled. Do you want to come back to go through random boxes to search for what you want, or do you want to read the labels on boxes before you make a decision? Hint: one of these methods is much easier than the other. Labelmakers can be very helpful.

Ultimately, you have many options for self-storage. As a business owner, your needs may be much different than somebody else's who is storing for personal use. A storage facility should assist you with this.