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Procuring Employees As A Non-Profit Organization

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Non-profit organizations face notoriously difficult challenges when it comes to procuring the top talent. Not only are employees often reluctant to begin work for non-profit organizations, but they often use a non-profit as a stepping stone towards their real career. Because of this, a non-profit business often needs to take additional steps towards getting the best employees.

Re-Evaluate Your Non-Profit Job Postings

When it comes to a non-profit, it isn't always about skills and qualifications. Instead, it's often about finding the right fit for the environment. You want to find employees who are truly passionate about their work -- and who will find your organization their second home. A non-profit organization has to put an emphasize on its company culture and the characteristics and personality types that it is looking for. 

Communicate With Existing Employees

Employees are the ones who know their own work best. They can tell you what they love most about the company and what they don't like, in addition to giving you ideas about how to improve upon the company environment. Those who are on the ground in different departments may have vastly different perceptions of the business.

Getting Inventive With Employee Benefits

Non-profit organizations generally don't have significant salaries or financial benefits -- that's the downside. But a non-profit organization can get creative with its employee benefits. Charity programs, wellness programs, corporate retreats, and community outreach are all fantastic advantages that can make work feel a little less like work for employees. Well-structured companies can also provide flex-time or work-from-home programs to be more attractive to the top talent.

Being Flexible With Each New Hire

Every employee is different. Sometimes a cookie cutter model of hiring isn't going to be beneficial. But if you really want to procure the best talent, you might need to look into their personal needs. There may be a top-of-the-line marketer who is willing to take a pay cut but who needs additional time off because they are currently pregnant. By making some unique accommodations, the company can build loyalty and procure the best talent at a more affordable price.

Naturally, getting the best employees is only the first step. Companies also need to be able to retain their talent. That means that the above strategies don't stop once the employee has been acquired. Employees will need to continue to develop their non profit job postings and will need to communicate with their employees to find out more about what they need.