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4 Important Attributes To Consider For Your New Coastal Home

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Turquoise waves, seashells, and salty air—who wouldn't want to live on the coast? If you get the opportunity to plan your own coastal home from the ground up and then watch it be built, you are most assuredly excited about the whole ordeal. It is easy to get caught up in your excitement and forget that there are several important attributes about this coastal home plan that need careful consideration. 


Windows are a major part of most coastal homes. The views and the natural light are desirable attributes for a light and airy sort of feel to the structure. Many people choose either very large windows or choose to have more windows than usual. For example, the usual kitchen may only have a few windows, but if the kitchen in your coastal home faces the sea, you may prefer to have a full wall of windows. 

Back Patio 

There is one thing that is almost always a constant in a coastal home: an outdoor living space that simply beckons you and guests to sit, unwind, have a drink, and enjoy the view. The back patio that you attach to your coastal home plan is going to no doubt be one of the most valuable parts of your house. It should be carefully planned, however. You should consider: 

  • What type and how much patio furniture you'll place on the patio
  • How often you will entertain a large number of guests 
  • How much space you want the patio to take up in the backyard 

Front Porch 

A front porch tends to be a little less important on a coastal home. This front-facing home feature may not need to be so prominent if your home is situated close to the road or if it will be a space you don't really use for entertaining. Nevertheless, the front porch is an important design feature of the house, and it has to be carefully planned and designed. Many coastal homes will have a front porch that connects to the back via a wraparound walkway, while other coastal homes may keep things more conservative with a small porch that doesn't take up a lot of space. 


All that trekking back and forth to the shoreline is going to mean one thing: a lot of sand on your feet. The primary entry point at the back of the house is often best if it leads into a mudroom, which is a small space where people can kick off their shoes, drop their towels, and otherwise leave their messes behind. 

For more help with coastal home plans, contact a home planning service near you.