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Setting Up Water Reclamation for Mobile Pressure Washing Equipment

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If you have a pressure washing business, having the right equipment is important. The water you use to do jobs is also important. Thus, reclamation systems may be an important part of your pressure washing equipment setup. You may want to know the best solutions and the type of pumps needed to set up these systems. The following water reclamation system setup guide will help you set up these systems for your pressure washing business:

Water Containment Solution

The water that you use for your cleaning jobs needs to be contained in some way. The containment can be done with various equipment options. A few ways that the water your equipment uses can be contained, including portable wash mats, tarps, and portable PVC tanks.

Water containment is important for the design of reclamation systems. Therefore, you want to choose the right type of containment system for cleaning jobs you do. If you are doing larger jobs, portable storage tanks can be a versatile solution for your jobs.

Filter Solutions for Wastewater

The wastewater that is used by pressure washing equipment is dirty. Thus, it has to be filtered before it can be reused to clean again. Your water reclamation system is going to need some filtering system integrated into the design. Filtration system options for water reclamation systems include:

  • Canister filters with special cartridges
  • Charcoal-based filter designs
  • Reverse osmosis filtration

Wastewater filtration is also an important part of the reclamation system design. These filtration systems need to use high-pressure pumps for the clean water to be available to use again after filtering.

Submersible and High-Pressure Pumps

There are also several types of pumps that you will need with a reclamation system. The pump that is used to reclaim the water can be a submersible or vacuum-style pump. Different types of pumps that you will need for a pressure washing and reclamation system include:

  • Submersible pumps that sit in wash mats and tanks
  • Vacuum pumps that reclaim water from containment systems
  • High-pressure pumps for filtration and pressure washing equipment

The pumps are usually designed for high-pressure systems. With a reclamation system, the pumps that are used should also handle high volumes of water. The reclamation system can also reduce the size of the tanks you need to use with pressure washing equipment.

The reclamation system you add to your business can save you time and open up possibilities. Contact a high-pressure pump and reclamation equipment supply service to get what you need for these things.