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Why Using A Telephone Answering Service Still Makes Sense

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In this age of electronic gadgets, instant messaging and email, it may seem archaic to hire a live telephone answering service to handle calls to your business after hours, when your lines are busy or when you are away from the office. However, hiring such a service to field your calls offers a number of advantages, even in this digital age. Benefits of using a telephone answering service 1. Adds a personal touch. Read More»

Why Altering Clothing Can Be A Better Choice Than A New Wardrobe

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If you have ever watched television or a movie and wished that clothes looked that good on you, it is important to know that most celebrities have their wardrobe professionally fitted for them. Therefore, it is not that television and movie personalities always have the perfect body for new clothes, but instead that the new items receive alterations that make them flattering and usable by the famous people who wear them. Read More»